SBC: on-prem is getting cloud!

Nowadays enterprises and other organisations are being pushed to move to the cloud for faster, easier and more involved communication and collaboration.

As we have seen in previous articles, enterprises and organizations are moving to the cloud for improved communication and collaboration.

With Teams, its brand-new cloud-based platform, Microsoft is definitely one of the most relevant actors in the show. This is the platform on which Microsoft is mainly focusing its efforts on, with events, marketing and many other promotional actions.

What for Skype for Business? It keeps perfectly answering to all those needs of on-prem installations, representing an absolutely relevant part of the market, with millions of users using it. Think about all the small to medium sized enterprises that invested on Skype for Business for their communications, or those Companies that need to manage calls locally (for particular policies), or to those operating in areas with low network coverage quality.
All of these installations are not less relevant than any other. Advanced services, like call recording or call center feature, are still granted thanks to the new SBCs (Session Boarder Controller), designed to provide additional features while connecting the on-prem installation with the external network.

Mida Solutions, working with the SBCs certified with Microsoft technologies, enables on-prem and hybrid installation to get those services, with its MidaRec and Mida Lite Call Center

MidaRec is a recording system provided by Mida Solutions that can easily record both Skype for Business and Teams communications as well as a variety of other technologies. It has become well-established both in the critical communication and in the financial world, where recording systems are challenged with maximum quality and reliability requirements.
MidaRec is composed by two different modules: the recording module (MidaRec Gateway) and the archiving module (Mida Archiver).
The recording module is dedicated to interfacing with the various environments, collecting information (both audio track and metadata) and sharing them with the centralised archiving system. By its nature, it is a distributed element, deployed where calls need to be recorded (both on-premises or in a service provider’s datacentre).
Mida Archiver is where recordings are stored for long-term retention and can be easily accessed by authorised people. This module provides many advanced features, enabling it to cope with the most restrictive international regulations like MiFID I, MiFID II and GDPR. The most relevant ones are: anti-tampering protection (with notifications for system access, file opening and/or downloading), AES file encryption up to 256bit and file compression.
Included in the Mida Archiver module, there is even a complete yet simple to use playback station, accessible almost from anywhere and from any device, as the system web portal is completely web based. Through this, it is possible to view, listen, mark, and comment on audio files, as well as complete advanced call scenario reconstruction for analysis.

Mida Lite Call Center (LCC) is a light-weight, cost-effective, and yet complete solution providing the call queueing and forwarding mechanisms needed to set up a Call Center and manage incoming calls.
It allows forwarding calls to the desired operators or queue agents (even in case of multi-branch call centers), managing waiting time in a flexible manner, with customizable call treatments and voice prompts. Each queue can have its dedicated messages, working hours, timeouts, agents, overflows and routing algorithm (e.g. skill-based, round-robin, idle-time).
Administration of LCC is performed through an intuitive and web-based interface, without any need to install dedicated clients. Agents can receive incoming calls either using standard IP (SIP) phones or using Mida Operator Console, a web-based interface providing basic (answer, hold/resume, transfer) and advanced (park, camp, consult transfer) call handling functions. On top of this, a dedicated Supervisor Console allows Call Center managers to get a complete, real-time view of the on-going activities and act upon queues and agents. Mida LCC and Operator Console require the presence of an SBC in order to interface with the MS environment (S4B or Teams).

The solutions are based on a single platform supporting all relevant communication technologies, thanks to its ‘umbrella approach’, while the extremely flexible architecture allows users to deploy it on-premises, in the cloud, or even in a hybrid environment. This means it ensures deep and complete compatibility even in case of migration from Skype for Business to Teams, without any need to opt for new products.

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