Ribbon Perspectives Spotlight: Mida Solutions works with Ribbon to provide call center capabilities for Microsoft Teams on Microsoft Azure.

Microsoft Teams has been adopted faster than any other business application in the company’s history.  As the preferred client for intelligent communications, we are seeing more and more organizations include it in their enterprise telephony plans.  Mida Solutions is adding call center capabilities to Teams with their LiteCallCenter (LCC).

On display at Ribbon Perspectives next week, the Mida LCC leverages Ribbon’s certified SBCs to connect the Microsoft Phone System and connect Teams clients to advanced calling features:

  • completely customizable call queueing and call taking modules with editable working hours, audio messages, smart call distribution, holidays and more;
  • compliance recording system perfect to ensure regulation compliancy, with call-matching, call-probing and call scenario reconstruction;
  • web-based operator console with consult transfer, call parking and call camping;
  • real-time and statistic reports designed to be viewed even on wallboard.

When coupled with the Ribbon SBC SWe Lites, Mida LCC offers a Teams  call center solution that is completely contained in the Azure cloud.  The extremely easy integration of Mida LCC with Ribbon SBCs can be completed in just 5 steps. The flexible, web-based solution includes intuitive user and administration interfaces, accessible by the visually impaired; answering the needs of smart and remote workers without placing limits on Teams or the Azure cloud.

Visit the Mida Solutions booth at Perspectives 19 to see how Ribbon SBCs and Mida solutions enhance intelligent communications in Teams on Azure!