This Christmas we support Gli amici del Villaggio Onlus

Padua, 15th December 2019 - This year Mida has a brand new way to celebrate Christmas: the amount of money that in the last years was addressed to Christmas presents for clients and partners, this year will be given in charity to Gli amici del Villaggio Onlus from Padua.

This idea comes from a wider matter, that our team directly raised, which is the company’s social responsibility towards the environment and the local community as well.

Gli amici del villaggio Onlus (in English the name means The village’s friends) is an organization born 20 years ago in Padua, city where Mida has its headquarters, and its mission is to organize entertaining and cultural activities for people suffering from neurodegenerative diseases like multiple sclerosis or other types of disabling diseases. The association convenes every 15 days and the volunteers schedule for the disabled people different activities: reading, art films-documentaries screening, roundtables with art experts, etc. The main objective is to give them some leisure and cultural moments, that may help them escape from their daily routine, which is often burdened with physical problems.

The association can carry on its activities only thanks to the donations it receives, which are fully addressed to purchase materials for the activities, organize the excursions, maintain the special minibus used to transport the disabled persons and to pay the rent for the room used for the meetings.

Gli amici del villaggio activities are organized by eleven volunteers - seven active in the activities planning and four drivers - and other occasional volunteers, people who dedicate their spare time to the disabled for free. It’s thanks to the commitment of these people that the association can plan even two holidays in the summertime (by the sea - in Caorle, and in the mountains - Cadore area) and a three-days trip in spring.