MIDA @Ribbon Partner Summit 2019 – Prague

Padua, 11th October 2019 - Mida Solutions, will participate to Ribbon Partner Summit 2019, the event Ribbon dedicates to its strategic partners in EMEA area.The event will take place the 15th of October at Prague Corinthia Hotel and has a busy schedule of speaches aimed to share key market insights and new solution ideas, to empower the important partnership Ribbon has with Mida and with other important players around the world.

New perspectives, new opportunities and different approaches to do business in the field of Unified Communications will be in the order of the agenda as Ribbon’s approach, just like Mida’s, is to evolve together with the market, according to new different needs. The Summit will be followed by a dinner, where participants will have many networking chances.

Mida and Ribbon have been partnership since 2016, to provide organizations with a robust set of customer engagement tools, like LiteCallCentre and Recorder, delivered in a common toolset, in our Mida eFramework App Suite.

Ribbon Partner Summit  will be the occasion to see again the persons we have been working with for a long time, to meet in person professionals that work with us on common projects and to discuss Mida-Ribbon tecnological partnership evolution with new persons.

Save the date:

Ribbon Partner Summit 2019

October 15, 2019

Corinthia Hotel Prague

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