Mida Phone Services

Mida Phone Services is a complete suite of services designed to enhance usability and user experience by representing the true essence of the Unified Communication.
The suite includes various apps, like Mida Directory, allowing you to access your company directory directly from your Cisco IP Phone or Cisco Jabber instant messaging solution, Mida Phone Lock, introducing the keyboard lock feature on Cisco IP Phone, and Mida Mobile4Mobility, a set of applications integrating VoIP services on your smartphone.

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Main Features

A whole set of applications, for any kind of need:

  • Mida Directory integrates both personal and company shared directories on Cisco IP Phones and Cisco Jabber;
  • Mida WhoIs an automatic screen pop up of the caller id;
  • Mida PhoneLock, a Cisco IP phone keyboard lock system;
  • Mida EasyNumbers, a simple and effective solution to handle short numbers (speed dial);
  • Mida Click2Dial a web service that enables easy implementations of click to dial services on corporate web portals;
  • Mida Mobile4Mobility
    M4ExtensionMobility: integrates Cisco Extension Mobility service, allowing to login/logout directly from your smartphone. Say goodbye to your IP Phone username and PIN;
    M4CallForward: allows you to configure the call forwarding of your IP Phone from wherever you are;
    M4PhoneDial: allows you to call any of your smartphone contact directly from your desk IP Phone;
    M4PhoneLock: allows users to lock/unlock their IP Phone directly form their smartphones.


icon_pdf PhoneLock [English]
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icon_pdf Directory [Italiano]
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icon_pdf eFramework [English]
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Technical Information

General Compatibility (PBXs, codecs, ports,...) click here
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