Mida Fax Server

Mida FaxServer is the Fax over IP solution (FoIP) that allows to manage incoming and outgoing faxes from a very simple and efficient WEB interface, allowing everyone in an organization to have a virtual fax box on their PC desktop.
Mida FaxServer is included in Mida eFramework App Suite.

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Main Features

Leveraging its configuration on simplicity and scalability, Mida FaxServer is a true plug & play IP fax server suitable for small, medium and large enterprises and offices. These are only some of its benefits:

  • Integrates faxes with the company business processes;

  • Increase efficiency and reduce operating costs;

  • A Virtual fax box on any desktop;

  • Intuitive web interface;

  • Fax routing in/out and full e-mail integration;

  • Fast deployment and easy maintenance;

  • Available as virtual appliance; 


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Technical Information

General Compatibility (PBXs, codecs, ports,...) click here
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