Mida Billing

Mida Billing is the professional and flexible solution for Enterprise Billing and Accounting in VoIP networks. It is based on a modular and open architecture, providing a fully featured and flexible set of documentation, both for single entities and for multi site/multi organizations companies.

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Main Features

Mida Billing is available as virtual appliance VMware, meaning it comes as a preinstalled Virtual Machine including reporting engine and local database. It can also be connected to external DBMS based on Microsoft SQL Server™, for a scalable and high performance solution. Thanks to its powerful and professional architecture that uses state of the art technologies, and to the flexibility of its Report engine and configuration, Mida Billing is one of the top billing tools currently available on the market.

  • Fully Web based
  • Accessible from any device (PC, MAC and tablets)
  • Live Dashboard
  • Flexible and customizable reports


icon_pdf Billing [English]
icon_pdf Billing [Italiano]
icon_pdf eFramework [English]
icon_pdf eFramework [Italiano]

Technical Information

General Compatibility (PBXs, codecs, ports,...) click here
Web Browser Compatibility click here