The Voice Recording System for Professional and Telephony Networks


Voice communication infrastructures for transportation systems are often a combination of technologies designed to address different needs.
Radio communication can be based on LTEGSM-R, TETRA or DMR; Telephony systems can rely on traditional TDM based networks or IP based PBXs. Dedicated applications and services, like dispatcher consoles, alarm systems and public announcement systems interwork with these technologies. Recording of each technology involves a dedicated recording system, dedicated hardware resources; high deployment, installation and operation costs are the natural consequence. Furthermore, these systems often do not interwork, lacking a unified view. In case of accident analysis, procedures and call scenario searches become complicated and time consuming.


MidaRec is a Voice Recording System (VRS) that supports all relevant communication technologies involved in the transportation and professional worlds. Its flexible architecture assure full scalability; the modular approach allows to deploy centralized or distributed systems depending on the resiliency and redundancy requirements. Leveraging on virtualization the overall software is independent from the underneath technology that can be based on professional hardware or standard enterprise servers. The system provides a complete view of all voice and text communications, a unified and secure communication repository, a web based search and play console accessible from any device and an advanced call scenario reconstruction module.

main advantages

  • Unified recording platform
  • Hardware agnostic, lower costs
  • Faster solution design
  • Simpler deployment and maintenance

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