Mida Voice Office

Mida VoiceOffice is the Mida eFramework application for advanced voice mail, integrated to the e-mail system and eventually to the SMS system for message notification (Unified Messaging). The basic behavior is to manage phone calls when a user cannot answer: it allows callers to record their messages, and lets the user listen to the messages from anywhere, using his telephone or a simple Web Browser. The licensing scheme is based on the number of simultaneous voice channels that are needed in the system configuration. This scheme allows to obtain solutions not linearly related to the number of users, dynamically optimizing the use of these resources.

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Main Features

Mida VoiceOffice allows the caller to leave a message for the called person, when this one is not available. It may be activated in many configurations, for example in case of no answer and/or busy (configurable on the PBX). The user may access the service from both their phone and a Web Interface, and, after proper authentication, make the following actions:

  • message playback with Web or telephone interface;
  • recording new messages;
  • delete old/listen messages;
  • change personal PIN code;
  • welcome message customization for each user;
  • optional, recall of user (who recorded message);


icon_pdf VoiceOffice [English]
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Technical Information

General Compatibility (PBXs, codecs, ports,...) click here
Web Browser Compatibility click here