Mida Supervisor Console

Mida Supervisor Console is a web client enabling to monitor the call queueing and automatic call distribution system Mida QueueManager through real-time and statistical data.

Its design and the simple and intuitive GUI layout bring the application to be the perfect solution both for supervisors monitoring services directly from their PCs and for wallboards. Mida Supervisor Console was created according to what users really need, guided by the “what you need is what you get” philosophy, to remove everything bringing to confusion and mistakes: it is the perfect solution for all those requiring a ready-to-use application.

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Main Features

Mida Supervisor Console is an extremely easy-to-use console, enabling system supervisors and administrators to monitor their services with real-time results and automatic data analysis collected from a defined time span, manageable from the system settings.

From the system homepage, it is already possible to get all the service information: this is possible thanks to the “one-hand-control” feature, enabling to use all the application just by using the mouse, and to the GUI intuitive design and graphics, using triggers to highlight undesired values.

And if you are looking for further details, the navigation menu will provide them just with a click:

  • Home page, providing all the relevant details in just one page.
  • Call details, giving more specific information about the received calls (waiting or active), like their waiting time, conversation time and many more;
  • Agent details, providing specific details about the agents of all or just one queue, like their BLF status, their last login/logout, etc.
  • Queue details, which shows detailed information about the service/s monitored by the supervisors (status of the queue, active or waiting calls, etc.).


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Technical Information

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