Mida Automated Attendant

Mida AutomatedAttendant  is an open and flexible platform for voice applications and IVR (Interactive Voice Response) solutions in VOIP (H323, SIP) networks. It is included in Mida eFramework app suite  and allows the implementation of automated telephone services, from simple call answering to IVR services integrated with the customer infrastructure.

Mida SickLeaveTrack is an IVR application which ease the tracking of communications between the employee and the company through a telephone call in the event of illness, injury, leave or when -due to COVID-19 virus- employees have to communicate the company that they are doing smartworking or quarantine.

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Main Features

Mida AutomatedAttendant provides unique features to customers allowing to:

  • implement response, courtesy and routing services with a custom solution for every site or office
  • configure menu on multiple levels, through simple web interface
  • use specific voice prompts and timetables for different sites, enabling multi-site configurations
  • transfer to internal numbers, hunt groups, queuing services, external numbers


icon_pdf AutomatedAttendant [English]
icon_pdf AutomatedAttendant [Italiano]
icon_pdf eFramework [English]
icon_pdf eFramework [Italiano]
icon_pdf Mida SickLeaveTrack [English]
icon_pdf Mida SickLeaveTrack [Italiano]

Technical Information

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