Padua, 25 March 2020 - Mida is proud to announce Mida Recorder has passed the Alcatel-Lucent certification for the DR-Link interface (IP and TDM).

The solution is a Voice Recorder System (VRS) that supports all technologies of pertinent communications involved in the Enterprise, Critical Communication, Transportation and FinancialThe architecture of the solution is flexible, thus ensuring full scalability. The modular approach allows you to implement centralized or distributed systems based on resilience and redundancy requirements. By leveraging virtualization, global software is independent of the underlying technology that can be based on professional hardware or standard corporate servers. The system offers a complete overview of all voice and text communications, a unified and secure communications repository, a web-based search and playback station accessible from any device and an advanced call scenario reconstruction module.

Here are some of Mida Recorder features:

  • Full voice recording from many different sources (IP, TDM, Analogue).
  • Records are archived in single archiving storage for easy search and playback of selected calls.
  • Scenario reconstruction for accident analysis.
  • Automatic backup to external NAS.

Thanks to the work of our Research & Development team the solution has reached a high reliability and flexibility level, with complete and advanced search and play features. 

To have more information visit the official Alcatel Lucent website.

👉 Status certification Alcatel-Lucent