Mida Operator Console Web Browser Compatibility

Browser Compatible Versions Portal Operator Console on Cisco UCM Operator Console on Genband AS Operator Console on SIP Cross Platform Supervisor Console Notes
safari (23)Apple Safari 10.x + greenticket23 - - - greenticket23
Chrome (23)Google Chrome 70.x.x + greenticket23 greenticket23 greenticket23 - greenticket23 Cisco plug-in installation guide [pdf]
firefox (23)Mozilla Firefox 62.x.x + greenticket23 greenticket23(*) - greenticket23(*) greenticket23 (*) Firefox 52 ESR 32-bit release (or older).
microsoftedge (23)Microsoft Edge 42.x.x + greenticket23 - - - greenticket23 Extensions are not available in Microsoft Edge
InternetExplorer10 (23)Microsoft Internet Explorer 10.x + greenticket23 - - - -
InternetExplorer11 (23)Microsoft Internet Explorer 11.x + greenticket23 greenticket23 - greenticket23 -

eFramework version: 2.8.9 (latest)

All the compatibility specs are to be intended for browsers working on the OS below:
- Microsoft Windows 7
- Microsoft Windows 8.1
- Microsoft Windows 10
- Apple OS X El Capitan

General notes:
- Mida Operator Console working on SIP Cross Platform requires Java Runtime Environment 8 (more information: for Chrome, for Windows 10)
- Mida Operator Console working on Cisco Jabber SDK version 3.1.2 (general Cisco Jabber SDK notes available here)
- Mida Operator Console minimum client PC requirements are: CPU instruction set is SSE3; CPU speed and type are Mobile AMD Sempron Processor 3600+ at 2    GHz or Intel Core 2 CPU T7400 at 2.16 GHz.