Smart working: working has never been so smart

Working activities have constantly changed through the years, touching now new levels of flexibility.

Smartphones, social networks and instant messaging services habituated us to be always connected, no matter where we are.

Both these software and hardware innovations brought new air in the offices, completely changing our working environments. A clear example can be found in the well-established Unified Communication world.
Another example I have read about in these last weeks is the idea of Smart Working: one of the most flexible working way, enabling employees to operate almost from anywhere.
It is not necessary to say that this change would not have been possible without smartphones, tablet, modern laptop and appropriate applications and services specifically designed to support the change.
Generally speaking, smart workers can boast many different advantages like avoiding rush hours’ traffic, with consequential positive aspects in terms of stress level, or working directly from home, in case of particular needs. It is important to underline that even Companies providing this working possibility get positive effects, with increased efficiency and less costs.

Governments’ promotion and the constantly increasing number of worldwide companies opting for the Smart Working are just two of the key aspects highlighting the relevance of this new idea, that is knocking (more and more insistently) at the door of the ICT industry.
Seat-less web-based architectures are now fundamental, as well as multi-device usability and multi-environment compatibility (on prem, full cloud or hybrid cloud-prem).

The real challenge has now become to find reliable solutions amongst all the proposals on the market.
This is why we are happier than ever we started to walk this road years ago: our customers can now rely on a long experience underlined by many different references worldwide. Mida eFramework UC App Suite has established its position in the market leveraging exactly on what our customers need: a high-quality, easy to deploy and ready to use solution designed to provide users with as much flexibility as possible.

No matter where they are: with Mida eFramework, users can share more, communicate better and work more efficiently.

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