Skype for Business call management and recording? We’ve got what you need.

As we have seen in various articles, nowadays companies are getting more and more virtual, not only because of the Internet of Everything era.

Smart working activities are constantly growing, globalization leads organizations to have branches, partnerships and collaborations all around the world… not talking about all the travels workers are called to.
These require an extremely reliable UC platform, like Skype for Business is, providing high level web conferencing and instant messaging capabilities along with all features included in the Office 365 cloud suite.

Managing and recording calls in these environments may be challenging: various devices involved, possibility to access the solutions almost from everywhere, with a powerful and reliable engine architecture... all characteristics at the core of Mida Solutions call management and recording services.

The solutions are included in a single UC App Suite, making it easy and fast to be deployed and configured, and are completely web based and accessible from any device. Moreover, thanks to relevant features like the recording system advanced call archiving, with anti-tamper and file encryption, and the overall suite information management tool, including access audit, you will not need to do anything to be complaint with the upcoming GDPR and MiFID II regulations.

Are you really still looking for a call management and recording system for your Skype for Business?

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