MidaRec: replace your MediaSense… SEAMLESSLY

Last year, Cisco announced its recording solution End-of-Life, closing its sales in October. MediaSense will go End of Maintenance this October (2018), while the support will completely end in 2020.

For all of those managing recording installations based on Cisco product, this means they need to find a solution to be integrated in their existing environments with the least possible impact.

High quality level, no loss of time and continuity ensured during the replacement… these challenges have to be faced.

Leveraging on the long experience on Cisco MediaSense with many good references in the market, Mida Solutions recording system represents the answer to these needs, providing a seamless change or, as we call it, a SEAMLESS TRANSITION:

  • Full recording functions replacement (all CUCM recording methods supported);
  • Seamless northbound API integration, with no changes required (for example, to integrate it with MediaSense XML APIs);
  • Easy historical data migration, importing metadata and media from old dismissed MediaSense nodes.

You will find all the features you are already familiar with, including some additional ones, like file encryption, tamper-proof protection and storage compression.

Try MidaRec for free or contact us for more information.


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