MidaRec: recording the future of communications with Skype for Business and Teams!

Never stop recording your communications, no matter they are on prem or in the cloud!

Nowadays markets push enterprises and organizations to move to the cloud, for faster, easier and more involving communications and collaborations.
In this environment, Microsoft confirmed to be one of the most relevant actors, actively promoting their “Intelligent Communication” (aka Unified Communication) platforms: the well-known Skype for Business and the recently presented Teams.

Even though these two platforms may appear as very similar, the truth is there are some relevant differences making them suitable for different needs.
Microsoft itself, on its blogs (https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/microsoftteams/faq-journey), highlights the similarity between them, underlining there is actually a push to move to the fully cloud-based option of the two: Teams.

In a scenario like this, with a cloud-oriented market (and so are oriented the providers), why is it so important for Microsoft to maintain Skype for Business, the on-prem/hybrid-oriented platform? The answer is simple: there are millions of users worldwide that are still using it and not all Organizations are able to move to the new platform in the short/medium term, both for economic or geographical reasons (think about all the SMEs that invested on Skype for Business for their communications, to the Companies operating in areas with low network coverage quality or to those that, for various reasons, need to manage calls locally).

It is important to say that there is not any deadline by which all of these customers have to move to the new platform, Teams, but they are likely to do that, sooner or later.

And what will happen to all those systems connected to the existing networks, once the time for migration arrives? Think about financial and trading agencies: they are to record all communications for international regulations. What about their recording systems?

Here comes MidaRec.

MidaRec is the Recording System provided by Mida Solutions that can easily record both Skype for Business and Teams communications as well as a variety of other technologies. It is not a case it well-established its name both in the critical communication and in the financial world, where recording systems are challenged with maximum quality and reliability requirements.

The solution is based on a single platform supporting all relevant communication technologies, thanks to the so called “Umbrella Approach”, while the extremely flexible architecture allows to deploy MidaRec on-prem, in cloud and even hybrid environments. This means MidaRec ensures deep and complete compatibility during all phases of migration from Skype for Business (on-prem/hybrid) to Teams (cloud), without any need to opt for new recorders or to move recordings to new platforms.

MidaRec is composed by two different modules: the recording module (MidaRec Gateway) and the archiving module (Mida Archiver).
The recording module is dedicated to interfacing with the various environments, collecting information (audio track and metadata) and sharing them with the centralized archiving system. By its nature, it is a distributed element, deployed where calls need to be recorded (both on-prem or on service provider datacenters).
Mida Archiver is where recordings are stored for long-term retention and for being accessed by authorized people. This module provides many advanced features, enabling it to cope with the most restrictive international regulation, like MiFID I, MiFID II and GDPR. The most relevant ones are: anti-tampering protection (with notifications for system access, file opening and/or downloading), AES file encryption up to 256bit, and file compression.

Included in the Mida Archiver module, there is even a complete yet simple to use playback station, accessible almost from anywhere and from any device, as the system web portal is completely web based. Through this, it is possible to view, listen, mark, and comment audio files, as well as completing advanced call scenario reconstruction in case of analysis required.

Looking for recording the future of your communications? MidaRec is already doing it.