Mida solutions: Mida Fax Server

Say stop to fax machines: save paper, save the planet, save money.

Mida Fax Server is the Fax over IP solution by Mida Solutions. It enables to easily send and receive faxes in the same way as sending and receiving standard emails. This can be done almost from anywhere as the solution is completely web-based, like any other app in Mida eFramework Suite. An internet connection and proper access credentials are the only required things.

Powerful and ready-to-use, Mida Fax Server is an absolutely flexible solution, that can address the needs of customers of any dimension. Bringing virtual fax boxes in any standard PC, it enables to avoid using standard fax machines with all related costs.

Service growth and high ARPU are the effects our references are highlighting by adopting Mida Fax Server, thanks to its features (allowing to meet even HIPAA privacy requirements) and to an innovative and simple delivering.

To discover more, visit midasolutions.com/fax-server/ or contact us.

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