Equifax: the worst data breach in the history

In the years of the GDPR (General Data Protection Regulation; if you missed our article, you can read it here), we expect our data to be more and more safely stored, particularly when we are talking about sensitive data.
What happened to Equifax shows there is still much to be done.

Equifax is one of the three biggest credit reporting agencies in the US, collecting data like names, dates of birth, email addresses, Social Security numbers and drivers’ licenses numbers.
On September 7, it announced some hackers managed to breach the security system, reaching the information of 143 million costumers (about the 66% of Americans with credit reports).

The attack was discovered the 29th of July, revealing that millions of customers are now potential victims of criminals able to open their credit cards, take out loans, make purchase and even drain their bank accounts.
Clearly, this is supposed to be the “worst data breach in the history”, as highlighted Clark Howard, money expert.

Equifax is actually moving to solve this emergency, but no definitive actions have been taken yet.

It is to avoid such dangerous situations that our engineers are constantly improving our UC App Suite security system, already providing tampering prevention and file encryption.

Data security is now at the highest levels of importance in the IT world… Mida Solutions is already there.

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